10 Responses to “Thanks for the Pep Talk, Dad.”

  1. Nickie Clifford (Amanda's mom)

    Matilda looks as-if she has her fashionable ‘highlights’ done by the same hair-stylist who does mine;)

  2. Bobbie

    LOVE this photo! One of the many great things about shelties is they really DO listen to you as if contemplating the deeper truths of what you’re saying–when in actuality, they’re probably wondering why you haven’t given them a well-deserved treat yet ;)

  3. Chris Lafferty

    My DH will be thrilled to see another Sheltie Dad dispensing wisdom to his special Sheltie girl!

  4. jo

    So sweet! They really look like they’re engrossed in a deep conversation about what? Squirrels? Maybe the fact that the mailman came again today despite Matilda’s efforts to stop him? Or possibly the meaning of life? Whatever, they are just adorable.

  5. Gloria

    Ray and Matilda are so sweet… Shelties just are
    Very attentive to our needs.

    What a great shot to illustrate it!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Kimberly Agzigian

    What a wonderful photo! Matilda is lovely; may you have many happy years together!


  7. Sullivan

    AW-w-w, be still my heart. Sweet Matilda, she is paying such close attention to Dad, she wants to be sure not to miss a word. I love, love, love the admiration I see from this admiring little furbaby for her daddy. I love Matilda’s colorings and markings, she is such a beauty. Lucky for you Ray and Pat to share your lives with this gorgeous little soul.


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