Five years ago, we “rescued” Cody from our local newspaper.  He was a “free to a good home” ad. 

We gave him a good home, and he gave us all the love and laughs we could handle!


I bet the cake made up for the hat, Richard! :)

14 Responses to “Two Good Reasons to Celebrate!”

  1. Dianne

    Happy Birthday to you Cody !!!

    And..Thankyou for giving Cody the loving home he so well deserves! Special hugs!

  2. Jan

    Patience personified! We too have an older Sheltie and she has that friendly and serene quality. We take her to our store and everyone wants to visit with her. She meets and greets and accepts pats graciously all day.

  3. jo

    Cody is a very sweet-looking boy. He looks like he’s leaning into the picture-is he being enticed by a treat?

  4. denise

    What a handsome, handsome boy. Thank you for adopting Cody.

    He’s blessed and so are you. Thanks for sharing your sweet boy with us.

  5. Ann

    Cody is just adorable in his little hat! Enjoy your wonderful adventures with him.

  6. Kris

    How is it that they all have the same look when we adorn them with hats, antlers at Christmas…. hahahahaha
    You are blessed to have adopted a sweet boy also!

  7. Bobbie

    Happy, happy birthday sweet Cody! The hat only happens once a year, but the hugs and kisses make up for it :)

  8. Sandra

    Hope you enjoy your Cody as much as I enjoy and love mine! He was 3 last month and he is such a sweetie, as all shelties are, right?
    Wonderful babies all of them.

  9. Robin

    What a sweet face! It does not get any better than having those sweet sheltie soulfull eyes looking at you!!!!

  10. Debbie

    You found a diamond in that newspaper he is just adorable. He is lucky you found him!

  11. Sullivan

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CODY! There are so many good things to say here, it is hard to know where to start, so I will begin with Cody you handsome devil, congratulations to you for knowing a good thing when you saw it and adopting Richard. Cody looks to be such a sweet gentle soul, as we all know seniors are THE BEST! I can see from the expression that the hat is NOT a favorite. Here’s wishing you many more years of fun, happiness and all the laughs you can handle.


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