Sparky and Skipper stop for a quick rest after hiking through Arizona boulder fields.

They are on a long jaunt through the southwest after spending the winter in Baja California.


What a fantastic photo, Steve and Nan!

9 Responses to “You are now free to move about the country.”

  1. Dianne

    Sparky and Skipper are both beautiful !
    PS: I haven,t heard the name Skipper for some time…My first dog was a Springer I named Skipper, and had my friend growing up for fifteen years.!

    Beautiful photo !..Happy trails to all of you!

  2. Barb Miller

    Sparky and Skipper are beautiful Shelties! Their background is awesome …nice photo!

  3. Christine

    Love the personality showing through in these two gorgeous dogs. Obviously they are loved. Great job and safe travels.

  4. Lois

    what a shot, a picture of them anywhere is beautiful and give a great background, well it rivals a Picasso, or Renois………

  5. Tina

    WOW… this is great! It looks like a shot right out of an old cowboy show!!! I can’t get over how perfectly these guys are posing! Very beautiful dogs!!!

  6. jo

    We sure can’t keep the Shelties home after they’ve traveled the country can we? Wintering in Baja, exploring the American southwest, where will they head next? Well, wherever they roam, I know they’ll do it in style. Looking good Sparky & Skipper!

  7. Gloria

    WOW – now that is a calendar shot if ever I saw one!

    Sparky and Skipper are two luckly dogs. What a wonderful enviornment to walk your dogs. We know Steve and Nan enjoyed thier walk as much as Sparky and Skipper too.

    Once again Kelly, another creative caption.

    Thanks for sharing such a great photo with Sheltie Nation.

  8. Sullivan

    It sure is hard to pick the beauty here, they are both gorgeous . . . their scenery is pretty awesome too! Get these tired furbabies home and they will sleep for a week. Have a wonderful, SAFE trip.


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