My Sheltie’s name is actually Sheltie. When I got him 15 years ago, his original name was Sheltie-poo because they told me he was half Sheltie and half poodle. Over time, however, his personality was that of a Sheltie, so I dropped the poo part of his name.

I took this picture this past 5th of May during my celebration at home. He loves to sleep, but when he’s up, he loves to spend time with the family. During the party he came out and decided to fall asleep in the middle of the kitchen wearing his sombrero.


He is adorable and funny at the same time, Isela!

7 Responses to “Ay, Que Chulo!”

  1. jo

    Sheltie is so cute! He has earned the right to nap in the middle of his own party if he wants to, at 15+, he can nap wherever, whenever the mood strikes him. The sombrero only adds to his charm!

  2. Tina

    What an absolute cutie in his little sombrero!! Great shot of a beautiful sheltie!!

  3. Michele

    “Sheltie” is so adorable in his cute little hat. He looks all Sheltie to me. Wow, he is 15… he looks great for 15. Ditto to the above four comments !!!!!!

  4. Jan Hunter

    Little Sheltie is adorable and has obviously had a great life with your family. I love his little sombrero. Much happiness to you and your sheltie family member.

  5. Elizabeth

    Sorry, my Espanol is not up to par [or even below par] BUT what a hot and cool papi! Sheltie is the BEST!!! And, Isela, I’m so happy he’s got a home with you!

  6. Sullivan

    Aww-w-w Isela, we LOVE our seniors and Sheltie is certainly no exception, he is absolutely adorable. To be this age shows that he has had a very charmed life and very well loved and taken care of, kudos to you for that. Wishing you lots more time with your heart companion.


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