7 Responses to “Hangin’ Out On A Sun-Day”

  1. Maida Farrar

    What an adorable little sweetheart! And not just the eyes, but look at that back leg!!! Too funny.

  2. sharon

    Yep, those eyes! What an expressive face Petey has. His visor suits him. Hope he’s staying cool – we are having a massive heat wave here in California!! My Sheltie girls are not fond of the heat.

  3. Sullivan

    I guess Petey thinks he is too macho for sunscreen! He is a very good looking little man, just too cute and I love the sun visor! As Kelly said, “those eyes”. It is always about the eyes, they don’t have to speak, just look at the eyes and they will tell you everything you need to know about any given situation. Hope you have many long years with this beautiful little soul.


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