Naiche LOVES to observe life from his invisible (he thinks) position!


I don’t see anything, DK? ;)

12 Responses to “It’s Curtains for Me!”

  1. Mom of Naiche & Naruto

    Peace & thanx everyone for your lovely observances
    Of our Lil Captain Naiche! Any curtains will do
    for him!! Wonder why they like this so much ????

  2. Ann

    Naiche sure looks comfy and cozy back there where he can watch everyone else. Very cute!

  3. Michele

    That is so adorable!!! What a character. Naiche is so cute!
    Love the captions too.

    • lori mc dade

      that whole picture could pass for an old masters painting!! just beautiful. I miss my sheltie so much. they are the most lovely companions one could ever want.

  4. Caren Gittleman

    that is so sweet! “Pay no attention to the Sheltie behind the curtain!!”

    • jo

      Naiche, did my cat tell you that if you hide behind the curtain nobody can see you? Sorry to say, it’s not true. Anyway, you’re the cutest little (almost) invisible Sheltie I’ve seen. The part of your face I can see is just beautiful!

  5. Gloria

    Naiche is just too darn cute!

    I know he feels safe hiding under the curtain to observe the world around him. He is one cute pup!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sullivan

    Peek-a-boo, I almost see you! How wonderful it would be for every home to have a “ghost” Sheltie (or two), and one as gorgeous as little Naiche would certainly be an added bonus. He looks like he has such a sweet face and I do love his coloring.


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