This is a photo of the ever elusive East Coast Black/White tick. It is known for attaching itself to the ruffs of Shelties and hanging on for dear life. The B/W tick is extremely hard to remove and the best way we have found so far to ensure a full release is with the promise of….



Fooled them didn’t we, Lisa? :))

(The tick is Victoria and the poor, helpless victim is SuBear.)

12 Responses to “New Type of Tick Alert!”

  1. Laura

    We have a similar problem here, but the “tick” is a sable color and attaches to our Golden’s ears; like a noisy little earring!

  2. Johnnie Hates Jazz

    LOL! I cannot believe that I fell for that one! Thanks for making me laugh!

  3. Lisa S.

    Thanks everyone. Poor SuBear has dealt with this attack since Victoria was a little puppy. Sometimes she’s still attacking SuBear even when she tries to go potty! Thank God SuBear is so tolerant!

    • Cathy M.

      My poor Subear always get attack by the Blk/White Tick! Subear is very tolerant because that is her BFF…:-)

  4. Tabitha

    You always know how to make us laugh Kelly!
    They are so BEAUTIFUL Lisa! A cookie is always the best solution for my sable ticks! ;D

  5. jo

    So THAT’S what those big ruffs are really for. Thanks for the demo Victoria. SuBear, are you going to let her attach to you like that? No-shake her off! Then grab her ruff. Wait, this could be a never-ending game.
    Lisa, you have 2 adorable dogs!

  6. Christine

    OMG, My Max had one of these ticks for years. We call it Albea!!!
    When not attached to the ruff, you can find this tick attached to the sheltie butt.

  7. nancy morgan

    My puppy, Murphy, who is a year old, does that to my 6 year old dog, Clancy. Clancy is so laid back he lets the younger dog do it. I keep telling him to fight back. But he is just too lovable!

  8. Kimberly Agzigian

    Here in Maryland the elusive black/white tick comes in several colors. I have found the sable merle tick to be particularly difficult to extract :-)


    Victoria & SuBear are adorable! May you have many years of joyful play with your beautiful girls!


  9. Sullivan

    Now THAT is a tick infestation I certainly wouldn’t mind being bothered with, and the nice thing is, there is NO known cure for this problem, though it does seem that SuBear is trying to tell you all about it. Lisa, these are beautiful, beautiful little furbabies, such pretty coats and markings. It looks like there is lots of fun happenings at your house with Victoria and SuBear and I see the legs of a 3rd “somebody” just out of the picture that I’m guessing joins in on the fun and games. Happy, happy times had by all.


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