8 Responses to “No, I’m Not a Bearded Collie. Why Do You Ask?”

  1. Tabitha

    Mocha is thinking “Ummm, Mom Dad, can I take this off now? PLEASE?!!”
    Such a patient little sheltie!

  2. Jan Hunter

    What a darling sheltie Mocha is! The beard look was very cute but I am sure Mocha’s normal fur is even better than the beard. Thank you for sharing your VERY patient sheltie.

  3. Chris

    Nothing is as hysterical as a Sheltie in costume!! But this is in the top ten if ROTFLMBO!!!

  4. Ann

    Oh, what a cutie, and patient, too! But those ears tell it all. When will this be over already? LOL….

  5. Sullivan

    We think this is such fun and games, but the look on Mocha’s face says . . . me, not so much! From what I can see of Mochas’ face she sure does look like a little cutie pie. But they are patient little babies and let us have our ways and do just about any thing to them we want. Tara and Tarun, I’d say cookies, lots of cookies, throwing in a few kisses and a belly rub would probably go a long way in helping to soothe ruffled nerves too!


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