Brody, the Collie and Ariel, the Sheltie are dressed to the hilt! After each serving a busy year as a mascot at numerous events, promoting spay/neuter and adoption, they passed the torch the next mascot. 


All for a good cause right, Debbie! :)

15 Responses to “Now Those Are Respectable Costumes”

  1. Sullivan

    This is such a cute photo, I had to send to my daughter and her question was is Brody a very large Collie or is Ariel a very petite Sheltie? Both are beautiful, I was just curious.

    • MARSHA

      Ariel is very petite. She weighs 9 pounds. Brody is a large collie. When Brody was rescued he had 2 broken legs and could not walk. They are both therapy dogs now.

      • Sullivan

        Thanks for letting me know. Double congratulations to you for having the foresight for bringing both of these gorgeous furbabies into your family, and recognizing their full value. I would be hard pressed to figure who benefited most from these adoptions, you or them. Job well done.

  2. janet

    Oh my goodness, that is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. What good sports.

  3. Jan Hunter

    This may be the CUTEST picture of the year! These two are so precious and the difference in size makes the picture all the cuter. They look great in their costumes. I am sure everyone who met them was totally charmed.

  4. Michele

    Those are the only costumes on a dog I ever loved… just fabulous costumes!!!!!!! Brody & Ariel are such cuties & look awesome in their special outfits. Very cool!!! I just wanna grab Ariel’s muzzle & kiss it — look at that sweet face!!!

  5. Susan

    OMG!!! This is the cutest photo I’ve ever seen. Both look dashing in their outfits.

  6. jo

    THOSE SHOES! I can’t believe I’m writing this, but those shoes are sooooo cute on Ariel. Brody is very handsome in his tux while Ariel is a vision in pink. They make excellent ambassadors for the cause of spay/neuter and adopting.

  7. nancy morgan

    This is just adorable. I spay and neuter all my shelties. I love them so much I don’t know what I’d do without them. My husband has Alzheimer’s and rarely talks anymore so the Shelties are who I talk to! And of course, they talk back! I have three, but one is very old and I am afraid I will lose her very soon. The other two are one and six. They really keep me company.

    • Pat Monday

      You are so upbeat and positive, I admire your strength. You will do well no matter what happens in your life, you already are!

      Having Shelties in your life is paramount.


  8. Sullivan

    Kudos to Brody and Ariel for a job well done! Brody is quite handsome in his tux and top hat and Ariel is absolutely adorable, such a petite little lady. Man oh man, is Ariel ever rockin’ the hat and, LOVE the shoes! Both of these furbabies where great choices to represent their respective breeds, now to head off for a well deserved vacation.

    Congratulations Debbie to you and your pack for getting the word out on those most important issues.


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