13 Responses to “There she is…. Miss Amerrrrica!”

  1. Gloria

    Wow! What a beauty Josie is. Even if she is not into dressing up!

    You are one lucky lady Susie to have Josie in your life!!

    May you share many happy years together, even if it occasionally means playing dress up!

  2. Jan Hunter

    Josie is a queen all right! I do not think I have ever seen a more beautiful sheltie. Thanks for sharing her beauty with us.

  3. Elizabeth

    She is so cute and so pretty … I love the flower in front of the ear. I bet she gives you the best looks.

  4. Pat Monday

    Classic Sheltie Beauty! I thought they all have crowns and flowers?!

    Great picture.

  5. Sullivan

    Little Josie is so adorable. We can see she is not happy with all the human shenanigans (ms!) of being crowned Queen For A Day however, once momma Susie explained there were to be cookies, belly rubs and butt scratches for the winner, Josie got happy in a hurry!


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