9 Responses to “They’ve got each other’s backs…as pillows.”

  1. Donna

    Those two are so cute together. Who would belive there is 10 years between them! I’m so proud to be their breeder. Donna and all the Angels Shelties.

  2. Ann

    Very cute snugglers! I have a sable, Jonesy, and tri-color, Misty, too. They sure do something for the decor of the room. Every bedroom should have them.

  3. jo

    I wouldn’t kick either one out of the bed! So cute & cuddly, Susan has two adorable Shelties.

  4. Gloria

    How cute is this picture… what a great way to start the morning…
    … with a smile brought to you by Duchess and Brodie!

    Yep, just space for one human… but what a great foot warmer you have Susan… no electric blanket needed. Great way to snuggle too!

    Enjoy! We did at Sheltie Nation!!!

  5. Sullivan

    Ah Susan, Duchess and Brodie are both so cute, thanks for sharing. They sure do add to the decor of the room! I’d love to have a pair of pillows like that too, and look how polite they were, they left just enough room for you to squeeze in.


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