13 Responses to “When They Were Handing Out Nosicles…”

  1. Tabitha

    Ooooh! Poor Sparky! It’s ok your nose is to cute not to be noticed! My Jody has one. I called him my own little Pinokio when he was a pup. That nose just got longer and longer!

  2. Bobbie

    Oh bless your heart…my Teddy has an Xtra large snozz too. We call him Professor Longnose :)

  3. sharon

    Hahahaha! Extra long but extra cute, too. Sparky is not happy being “labeled”, obviously. Cute photo!

  4. Julie

    Awe, Sparky is handsome; but that look says there better be extra cookies for this one.

  5. Ann

    Oh, Sparky has that look like what the heck is going on? He is being very patient with the shenanigans going on around him and is just waiting for it to be all over with….He is adorable!

  6. jo

    That stands for extra long, right? Because Sparky has a really long nose which adds to his appeal. What a sweet face!

  7. Sullivan

    Man oh man Steve, is Sparky ever giving you the stink eye!! Apparently he doesn’t like being made fun of for his “short commings”! However, he is a VERY handsome young man, you just have to make him understand that that just allows him to get more fresh air with each breath . . . and just maybe a couple of extra cookies wouldn’t hurt either.


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