This our first baby, Kody checking out our new baby Alma. I’m not sure which one was more confused of what the other one was!

They have no clue that they’ll be best buds in a year or so.


Congrats, Shelley!

16 Responses to “And You Are?”

  1. Dianne

    What a beautiful photo….Kody surely will be looking after yhe new addition to your family..LOL

  2. Aus sheltie mum

    Congratulations on the birth of Alma! Kody looks adorable and I’m sure they will be best buddies for life xxoo

  3. Sandra

    Your Kody reminds me of my Cody, so much alike!
    Great pic of the two babies – they will be BFF’s for life!

  4. Tina

    This is so precious! One of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen. Bless both babies!!!

  5. Renee

    Congrats to your beautiful Alma. I remember when we brought our first child home, we kept her in the cradle in the living room and slept on the couch the first week (medical reasons) and our Sheltie slept right under the cradle and would growl at the cat when the cat walked by the cradle. Those Shelties are so protective of their family. Alma is in good paws!

  6. Lois

    Hey….who the heck are you??? love this site…….lost my Sheltie recently due to cancers….. I want another so bad….our hearts are broken, but, our kitties, especially 1, is devastated she misses her baby…can’t figure out why we won’t bring her baby back home.

  7. Sullivan

    This is the first picture of the bonding, on the road to BFF. Thanks for sharing both of these adorable family members. It’s a toss up on just who is more inquisitive here but they will figure it out and what fun you will have watching it all unfold. Good thoughts for many long happy years for all.

  8. Eric

    That pic is hilarious you can see those sheltie wheels turning like ok who are you and what are you doing here love it congrats on your little one!! Beautiful sheltie too!

  9. Adriana

    Awwww. Too Precious. This pic reminds me of my late Sheltie and my son.
    They will be the best of buds when they’re older. My Sheltie, Sassy (who was 2yrs old at the time), was so curious when I brought my son home from the hospital (whose now 9). She protected and played with him everyday till the day she passed away. (She was 10yrs old). My son’s entire life consisted of only knowing her as his furry friend & companion.

    My kiddo was lonely and needed a new buddy. so we got our new Sheltie, Brodie (6 months old now). They are inseparable, but of course we miss our Sassy. :)

    Sheltie rock!

  10. Sheila Johnson

    This has to be one of the sweetest photos ever posted on Sheltie Nation! Congratulations on having TWO precious babies;-)

  11. janet

    Congrats on your new addition. Babies and shelties just go naturally together.

  12. Kimberly Agzigian

    Congratulations; Alma is beautiful!

    I have no doubt that she and Kody will be the best of friends in no time … especially when she starts sharing her food from the high chair :-)

    Wishing your entire family much happiness!

  13. Gloria

    What an absolutely wonderful photo!
    Congrats on adorable Alma. I know Kody will make you proud!
    Enjoy the wonderful years to come!
    Thanks for sharing this great photo with Sheltie Nation!


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