Faye (now a Sheltie angel) was for sure prettier than the garden she was guarding.


Hugs to you, Carolyn!

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  1. Dianne

    What a beautiful Garden Angel …She will be waiting for you on the other side of Rainbow Bridge! God Bless

  2. jack eames

    You will have such a beautiful day when you meet her on the bridge!
    god bless
    jack( chewy and repunzel ) dad

  3. Tabitha

    Faye is so beautiful. You will be with her again. As will Sullivan and Bambi, Nickie and Shugerr, me and F-kap Sr and Sunny, and all the other little angels who are now waiting for us to come to them. May your grief be short and memories be forever. It’s hard, I know, I still cry about my sheltie angels and it’s been well over 10 years. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

    Run and jump with all your doggie friends Faye!
    Rest In Pease sweet little girl.

  4. Nickie Clifford (Amanda's Mom)

    Faye was a beautiful little girl. Sullivan is right about our babies waiting at ‘the Bridge’ for us – one-day I’ll be reunited with my ‘Shugerr’ – and you’ll be with your Faye again. My family has promised to place my girl’s ashes in my casket when the time comes – so we’ll remain together through eternity. I can’t imagine any more dear souls to be at rest with. God bless.

  5. Shannon

    Faye is so beautiful and She will always live in your heart. Thank you for sharing her with us. My late Mother introduced us to Shelties, with Sadie a female tri. Sadly, she lost her at age 8 due to lymphatic tumors. She lived 6 months longer than her vet predicted, and did not suffer until her last day. My sister drove Mother and Sadie to the vet, and Sadie went over the Rainbow bridge with her head in Mother’s lap. They both saw a butterfly on mother’s side of the car and a rainbow asd well. We looked at a breeder in NC for a tri for her and She kept my puppy Ceilidh for 6 week. Having Ceilidh in the family heldped her realize the was ready for another furry companion. My sister and I found Penny a Tri for her, and she was so proud to have her. Sadly, she only had her for four months, before she passed away. We told her Sadie would jump in her arms when they were reunited in heaven. I still think of Mother and Sadie and am so thankful to have Ceilidh and Penny. Hold all your memories in your heart. I hope This is a comfort to you.

  6. denise

    Carolyn, your Faye was certainly a beauty!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely sheltie angel with us today.

  7. Gloria

    Faye is just stunning! What a beautiful picture to remember your sheltie angel. I am sure the loss is deep but the fact that you had her in your life made it full of love and joy.
    One never really gets over the loss… Remembering you is easy, I do it every day, but there’s an ache within my heart that will never go away.
    May the beauty of this image remain in your heart always!
    Blessings being sent your way.

  8. Kimberly Agzigian

    Faye was stunning! I’m so sorry for your loss. May your memories of this beautiful girl bring you comfort.


  9. Elizabeth

    Faye is so, so , so beautiful! Wishing many happy memories to you Carolyn. Thank you for letting us see your lovely baby!

  10. Sullivan

    Carolyn, I’m so sorry for your loss, your little Faye is just gorgeous. Now she can play with my Angel Bambi, and they can wait for both of us to join them at the Bridge. Hugs to you, you are in my thoughts and prayers.


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