But a SMART hot dog. ;)


Thank goodness for AC right, Jo?

9 Responses to “Hot Dog!”

  1. Tonya

    My collie I grew up with always did this. I always get paranoid when I see this, though….dog tags can get caught in the vent. I had a friend who woke up to quite a commotion one night when her cocker spaniel was dragging around a vent cover.

  2. Holly

    Our Shay does the same thing! Our son’s boxer does it in the winter looking for heat when they come for a visit.

  3. joanna

    My Molly used to do that–in the summer for the air, and in the winter for the heat. She would get up and move when it stopped blowing, then go back when it started again.

  4. Sullivan

    Whoever make the comment “just a dumb dog” apparently has never met a Sheltie! This furbaby has the system figured out to maximize his most comfort, of course everyone else in the house suffers while this baby benefits the most! Beautiful Sheltie, I love this mahagony coat.

  5. P. Price

    I had a Sheltie that did this. When one part of the house started feeling warmer than another I knew he was laying on one of the vents.

  6. Clark

    I have 3 that do the same thing, however when all 3 sit on the vents, the room starts getting hot, then I have to shoo them off the vents to get the room cool again, I get dirty looks when I shoo them off the vents.

  7. Caren Gittleman

    yes! Thank goodness for AC! In the mid 90s here in Michigan through tomorrow..bring on Fall!

  8. jo

    In this weather, everyone wants to nap there! But only the smartest, most handsome Shelties get to.


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