I was calling Bailey to go outside and found him lying on the couch keeping a watchful eye on baby Ryan.


What a good boy, Nancy!

5 Responses to “I’ll Be Watching You”

  1. Don Jackson

    Bailey is such a handsome pup. My boy, Shane, has almost the same markings.

  2. Tabitha

    Ryan and Bailey look so sweet together! From my own experience, I know nothing in the world is better for a baby or toddler than growing up with a sweet and loving sheltie. I have a picture like this of me and my first sheltie when I was about 4. Have fun with your little boys Nancy! ;)

  3. sharon

    When the Sheltie is in charge, nothing bad shall happen. Too cute. Bailey obviously takes his new job seriously. Aren’t Shelties the best?

  4. Sullivan

    Nancy what better paws to leave Ryan in than those of your precious Bailey? He’s just hanging around, making sure nothing happens to his new bestie, and Lordy, Lordy the troubles these two sweet little boys will get into over the years, but always knowing I got your back brother!

    Your little Ryan is adorable and Bailey is so handsome. I wish you many long years of loyal companionship with your beautiful little heart dog.


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