8 Responses to “I’m Just Catching Up on the News!”

  1. Tabitha

    My oldest dog was nick named Dug short for Dumb Dog. We went through three lawnmowers, countless pairs of pants and shoes, a few dog bowls, and many paper items before he was done with his second year. Now he’s a happy old man and is the best dog I ever had!

    Brody is such a cutie pie! Praying for you that he isn’t as distructive as my baby was at that age! (-;

  2. Pat Monday

    Brody is too clever, and I see that he has positioned himself under a chair, where his humans can’t get at him too easily.

    Shred away Shelties, they know it makes us laugh.

  3. sharon

    Tee hee, I’m gettin’ a kick out of all the shredders. My Asta is nick-named “Shred-Ex” just for that reason!

    Brody looks to be doing an excellent job himself. LOL.

  4. Jan

    Oh oh…caught in the act but still looking innocent and very adorable. Our little girl was nicknamed “Chopper” for a while for chewing shoelaces, but she grew out of it. Brody is a very handsome pup, thanks for sharing!

  5. jo

    What a sweetie! I believe Brody will grow up to be an excellent reader—of minds, if he’s a typical Sheltie. Newspapers, maybe not so much.

  6. Sullivan

    Goodness, all the shredders seem to be coming out of the woodwork . . . but I just find it so hard to believe that so many of our darling little furbabies are so full of shennigans! I guess learning to read is just harder for some then others, but Brody . . . being such a youngster, will pick it up soon. If not, oh well, he is just so darn cute, that alone should carry him for the next 6 months.


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