7 Responses to “Look Deeply into My Eyes…”

  1. Tina

    Oh my… what an absolutely beautiful furbaby. I would love to cuddle with Wilson.

  2. jo

    What a cutie! Wilson is ready to show his skills as a runner, jumper, and retriever. If only Alex will throw that frisbee!

  3. Caren Gittleman

    yeah! Step on it! Dakota has the same toy and don’t tell….he HATES it :)

  4. Sullivan

    Is there anyone or anything that make you feel more guilty for NOT doing their bidding then our beloved little Shelties? I love this picture, the tipped ears and the big smile, pleading with you. Pleaz-z-ze daddy, throw my frizbee! I need someone to play with and I’ve picked you, so Alex you might as well give in because we know Wilson is not going away. Hope you two had a great game of catch! BTW, Wilson is a very stunning gentleman, I’m sure you are very proud.

  5. Elizabeth

    Wilson! If Alex won’t throw it, email me, and I’ll be there in a sec!!!

    What a sweetheart!


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