Misti Blue is all pretty from her bath!


Watch out for those green feet, Robin! ;)

8 Responses to “Puffitude on the Grass”

  1. Gloria

    Misti Blue is absolutely stunning. What a lovely name for such a sweet sheltie! What a beauty after her bath. She seems pleased to show off her beautiful coat.

  2. Leigh Chambers

    Wow, Robin she is beautifull. She looks like a awsome dog.. She looks
    like she could really melt your heart.. Even when she is getting into trouble..

  3. sharon

    What a cutie pie! Her coat is beautiful; I’d love to give her a hug. My two got baths this weekend and as my hubby says, “We love clean dogs just a little bit more!”

  4. jo

    Wow, Misti Blue is gorgeous! Love her markings & coloring & I can almost smell & feel how fresh & soft she is after her grooming. And her big grin says it all, she’s loving life.

  5. Sullivan

    Wow Robin, what a little beauty Misti Blue is, I’d say she has the right to cop a little “tude”, she has just the right stuff to pull it off! I love the fuzzies she’s got going on, her markings are striking and as usual, the trademark Sheltie smile. My guess is we have a little diva in the making, but that’s OK. We don’t spoil these beautiful little souls and put them high upon those pedestals for nothing, we humans are the ones that give them the right to think they are as special as we believe them to be. I wish you many long happy years with your beautiful companion.


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