Sparky sees his human looking into pages of books and thought he would look for himself.


Uh oh, Steve & Nan!

14 Responses to “Sheltie Book Review”

  1. Ann

    Is this the same Sparky that was on another day’s post of Sheltie Nation? My, my, Sparky sure knows his way around the books…LOL…What a cutie!

  2. jo

    Is that a copy of Don’t Shoot the Dog???? If Sparky wasn’t so adorable, I’d say he’s kind of a bad boy. But that face, how can anyone stay mad at that face? He has mastered the art of misbehaving, only to get off easy by utilizing his overpowering good looks.

  3. Judy

    “That’ll teach you not to waste time reading when you could be playing with adorable me!”

  4. Kimberly Agzigian

    It’s ok Sparky; some books are so good that they must be devoured in one sitting. Now, cookies for dessert!

  5. Bobbie

    LOL! And I LOVE the (somewhat destroyed) title of the book: DON’T SHOOT THE DOG ;)

  6. Sandra

    He looks just like my Cody, can’t stay mad long at that handsome face!

  7. Jan Hunter

    Sparkey is a handsome fellow and obviously a fellow book lover. I hope he enjoys his next book a little differently so his parents are not unhappy.

  8. Robin

    I think Sparky was framed???? Looks like something the cat did???? That is what my Shelties always tell me, it was the cat!!!!
    In the off chance it was Sparky, he is cute enough to get away with it!

  9. Gloria

    Yep, been there, done that!
    I am lucky mine only chew magazines!
    When they were younger it was worse.
    Now, not so much.

    Sparky, you are in good company!
    With such a sweet face we know you will not get in too much trouble!

  10. Sullivan

    I guess Sparky didn’t like the ending to the chapter! Judging from the look on his face, he knows he is in deep do-do! However, the flip side of the coin is Sparky is a very handsome fella and I would guess the cuteness factor will carry him quite a ways, just maybe no cookie tonight.

  11. Elizabeth

    Oh my gosh! That’s almost my identical theory, too. I hold my books close, move them around by flipping pages, give them intense attention, my scent is all over them — My Shelties thought books were my toys. Since they share their toys w/me, turn about is only fair. I’ve had to quit borrowing books from friends, family and the library. If I don’t put them away in a very secure place, I return to find books in itty-bitty pieces.

    But you gotta love’m so you adapt!


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