tippedearsBeau is a former foster at Kansas City Sheltie Rescue.

He was adopted by his foster parents, who are proud to be foster failures!

He is beautiful, Debbie!

8 Responses to “Sheltie ears that tip perfectly…”

  1. jo

    How did I miss this photo over the weekend? After a quick look, I know if I tried to foster Beau, I’d fail at it too cause I wouldn’t be able to let anyone else take him home. Love his funny ears, his ticked nose too, but his expression is what steal my heart. What a face! Lucky you, Debbie!

  2. Pat Monday

    what tipped ears? All I see is a gorgeous sheltie with a beautiful soul. :)

  3. Linda C

    He’s a handsome boy!

    I would love to foster a dog or two, but one must have a fenced yard. I live in a town home. It would be great to have another dog to keep my sheltie company.

  4. Debbie

    I probably have an answer for that…. after trying so hard to get 2 of my shelties ears to tip right for show…. I finally gave up and we did stop showing… now the ears tip backwards… which is kinda funny … .. so that might be why Beau’s ears tip backward’s too.. just saying….
    Debbie n the furkids at LND Shelties…

  5. Kimberly Agzigian

    Foster failures rock!

    Beau is so handsome! Wishing you many happy years together!


  6. Sullivan

    I have never seen ears tip backwards before, it just makes it so uniqually Beau. He is so handsome, of course I could be just a tad prejudice as he could be a twin of my Angel, Bambi. Debbie, congratulations for being such a failure, doesn’t it feel great? We can already see the love and admiration in this sweet little furbabies eyes. Wishing you many long, happy years with your new heart and companion.

  7. Elizabeth

    Bless the ‘foster failures’ as well as all of the ‘foster successes’ –They are all foster ‘winners’ in my book!

  8. Tabitha

    Thank GOODNESS! I was getting scared my little girl, Ida, was the only sheltie who’s ears tipped backwards. Haha! Only one of her’s is tipped back.

    Beau is such a handsome boy Debbie! I could NEVER foster shelties, I’d end up keeping them all! Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo!


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