7 Responses to “You are not going to put my hair in that scrunchie, are you?!”

  1. Tabitha

    Even when shelties are mad they’er cutie pies! You are so pretty Duchess! I get the evil eye on all bath days, so I know just how you feel Susan! :-D

  2. jo

    what a sweet face! Duchess is looking like she may have just come out of the bath-or maybe she had a romp in a pool or lake? Well, wherever she goes, I’m sure she makes everyone smile with her bright eyes, cute little face, tipped ears, and sweet disposition. Be sure to give her a pet from me today!

    • denise

      What a beautiful girl!

      Great photography. I love the lighting effect.

      Thanks for sharing her with us.

  3. Sullivan

    I just washed my hair and I can’t do a thing with it! LOL Aw-w-w Susan, even though Duchess is giving you the stinkeye, (or is it fear?), she has such an adorable face. I love her coloring and her markings, she looks to be such a petite little lady. Lucky you. Many long, happy years for you and your little furbaby.


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