8 Responses to “Always with a wink and a smile.”

  1. Nickie Clifford (Amanda's Mom)

    I refer to my Amanda as a “Happy Camper” ~ clearly, Blitz is one as-well:) What a sweet and handsome baby-boy.

  2. Ann

    Oh wow. I have never seen a sable merle before…He sure has a handsome smile and beautiful coloring…Enjoy…

  3. Sullivan

    Thank you for sharing this very handsome senior with us. I know how much these beautiful souls add to your family. That big Sheltie smile says it all, Blitz is having a wonderful time this day and just wanted to stop by and say Hi to us. Wishing you many more years with your sweet heart dog.

  4. Marion

    Thank you! Blitz is a sable Merle and is almost 11 years old. He is a real snuggle bug and a cherished member of our family.

  5. jo

    And a happy Sunday to Blitz, too! Blitz is a handsome chap with his expressive eyes & little blaze. I like his coloring, too.


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