Elayna and Teghan enjoy their summer vacation.


Stay cool, Arlene!

8 Responses to “Floating Furballs!”

  1. Kimberly Agzigian

    Elayna and Teghan are two cool cats .. I mean shelties!

    LOVE Elayna’s life vest – very festive :-)

    Thanks for sharing your babies with us!


  2. Ann

    How cute! They sure look like they are ready for just about anything, a tidal wave, possibly or snorkeling??? Who knows? Love the raft….Enjoy!

  3. kate

    Great to see your beauties are staying COOL! Love the swimming pool! Fits them to a tee.Thanks for sharing a super fun summer picture. But where are the beverages?

  4. Susan

    Ahh! Don’t they look cute…and cool! Hoping to have a pool someday for us and our four-legged friends to enjoy.

  5. jo

    Those are two very cool Shelties! And it’s nice to see them taking safety seriously by wearing life vests, too :)

  6. Sullivan

    Shelties incognito! Is that really Elayna and Teghan behind those Foster Grants? While on vacation, these bathing beauties can’t be bothered for paw-graphs while out soaking up some rays. Arlene, your furbabys are just too cute and I do applaude your safety measures for your “kids”. Enjoy many long years together.


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