6 Responses to “Formidable Opponent”

  1. Dianne

    haha One look at his beautiful smilin face and I think the players would throw there cards in ! Lots of years ahead full of lots of Buddy,s smiles to melt your hearts! lol

  2. Sullivan

    Ooh-h-h Jo and Tim, I’d sure hate to have to sit across the table from this “intimidator”, I’d sure have a hard time concentrating! LOL Your Buddy is adorable, he has such expressive eyes, as always with the Sheltie, it is about the eyes. I love the big Sheltie smile and those tips ears and the big blaze, that does it for me! Lucky you to share hearth and home with this handsome fella.

  3. Ann

    I love Buddy’s smile. He sure looks like he is enjoying the game! May you have many more happy years together with this little furbaby.

  4. jo

    Buddy, if you keep smiling like that, everyone will know you have a pawful of aces there!

    What a sweet face he has, Jo & Tim.


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