Ozzie and Andie know their bowls are up there!


So patient, Kate. Well, sort of?

10 Responses to “Hey! We’re STARVING!”

  1. Joan

    My little sweetie’s tail wags, she dances, nudges with her nose and if it seems to take a few seconds too long, she give me that Shelite bark. She acts as if she hasn’t eaten in days. Certainly not so, she actually needs to loose weight. :)

  2. Gloria

    Call 9-1-1 indeed!
    Ozzie and Andy are just as cute as they can be!
    Your decor screams sheltie colors too!!!
    Just love the pleading look in there eyes.
    At my house I call it the six eyed stare…
    Having three they certainly get your attention!

  3. Sharon

    Oh gosh, this is so, so familiar. Especially when the peanut butter Kongs are up on the counter to be given when we leave the house for work.

    These two very gorgeous Shelties have the guilt thing down pat. They sure know how to work us!

  4. Rosewyn

    AHHH, The Breakfast Face!!! I know it well……………
    Perfectly timed and executed, it can create much fuss and hurry
    on the part of the human parent! What would be the meaning of life without the Breakfast Face! OXOX

  5. Tina

    What beautiful boys! They have such lovely coats and beautiful faces. Just looking at this photo makes me happy!! :)

  6. Pat Monday

    That’s Matilda, after her second helping!!! Those eyes will hypnotize you, look away! What gorgeous shelties you have.

  7. Kimberly Agzigian

    Ozzie and Andy are so handsome. I recognize that look all too well – “hurry mom, we’re staaaarving” :-) Wishing you many happy years with your beautiful boys!


  8. Sullivan

    From the looks in those eyes Kate, I’d say it’s a good thing our furbabies can’t dial 9-1-1. Again, all about the eyes . . . it’s a good thing the will of the brain doesn’t work here or those two bowls would just float down to their eating spots! They are two very handsome gentlemen I love both their coats, I just really love the red, mahgony. From the looks of these two, I’m guessing there’s lots of mischieviousness in your home, what fun! Enjoy!


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