7 Responses to “How Do You Do, Pepé Le Pew!”

  1. Dianne

    AWWW !!Poor Declan

    Kelly got sprayed last year and before I could get the door closed, she ran throughout the house jumping on the bed and couch..OMG what a heyday that was, and to get rid of the smell was something else!

  2. Sharon

    Believe it or not, Coca Cola works really well too. My vet told me about that. I think it’s the acidic part that works. We had to douse my Skye twice (at night no less) years ago when she decided to chase the black and white “kitty”. Hope Declan is smelling and feeling better soon!

  3. Leslie

    Actually, a great stink remover is peroxide, 1/2 cup of baking soda and a drop of dish soap. You work it through the fur and leave it in for about 10 minutes, if you can get him to stay that long. Then you rinse that out and give him a real bath with dog shampoo (sometimes you need to go through the process twice. Declan got sprayed right in the face, mostly in the mouth, and he was really frothy!!!Poor guy- he won’t learn from this (it’s his second time), so we keep a skunk kit ready at all times. His brother managed to stay clear this time…

  4. Terry

    Oh no he is in trouble now! Maybe only for a few minutes. Declan is adorable but I am glad I cannot smell him!

  5. Gloria

    Oh my, poor dear… The look on his face tells it all!
    I feel terrible and smell worse! I hope he learns not to get in that pickle again! We can only hope!

  6. jo

    Poor Declan looks like he’s been banished to the great outdoors. Which is where he came upon that skunk in the first place! Declan, next time you see a skunk, run in the other direction! Leslie, you have my sympathy.

  7. Sullivan

    Poor Declan! Is this his first capture? If not, you’d think after one “skunk bath”, they would learn to leave that one little “toy” alone. Fortunately, I have never suffered this fate, but have heard tomato juice works really well. I sure do wish you luck, Leslie. Dispite this little set back, Declan is stunning and still manages to look regal sitting in his lawn chair. His eyes seem to be saying, ah-oh, I really screwed up this time, sure is a good thing mom loves me so much!


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