Mr. Chance seems unaware of the pink lipstick kiss on his snout!


Tee hee, Gloria!

12 Responses to “I shall keese you!”

  1. Jan Hunter

    I just loved this. He is so keeseable! I tell our Mickey Finn that I am going to kees him ALL OVER and he loves it. I then proceed to kiss his head and snout all over. I pronounce kiss as kees or keese when I say it, too.

  2. jo

    Love it! Chance is a very handsome boy, I’d have to kiss his snout, too if I saw him.

  3. Nancy (Bailey, Chloe & Dreamers Mom)

    What a good looking boy, who could possibly pass up kissing that adorable face?

  4. Elizabeth

    Look at the love and sweet longing in that beautiful face! How lucky are you, Gloria???!?

  5. Sullivan

    Mr. Chance wears his pink proudly, just another sign to the world that his momma really loves him. Don’t know what is going on behind the camera, but he sure is paying close attention, like that is really such a surprise! LOL Mr. Chance is really a beautiful furbaby, the black and tan always presents such a striking contrast on our beloved breed. Congratulations Gloria, may you have lots of years with your companion.

    • Sullivan

      I’m sorry Mr. Chance, I forgot to tell you that I too would take all the kisses you want to send my way!

      • Gloria

        Sure thing… No problem… Sheltie kisses are always available to our shelties and sheltie lovers!


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