11 Responses to “Mmmmm, Sheltielicioussss”

  1. Leslie

    They taste like love, loyalty, trust, sparkle and, of course, furballs! (Especially during “blow your coat” season…) Mine also have that ever so lingering eau de skunk aroma.

  2. Sandra

    Too sweet, too sweet! Patience my dear, he loves you like you love him!

  3. Christine

    Nothing cuter than a Sheltie and their “kids.” Its a pretty strong bond. Looks like the bond between Charlie and Mariah is no exception. They will be partners for life! Adorable picture.

  4. Kimberly Agzigian

    Chicken? :-)

    Charlie and Mariah are adorable. Wishing them many happy fun-filled years together!


  5. Sullivan

    What cuties, boy and dog. Looks like since that is the way Mariah kisses Charlie, he decided to return the favor. I love that look on Mariahs’ face, OK, go ahead, get it over with! LOL

  6. Elizabeth

    Oh, gosh — They’re truly siblings who love each other unconditionally! Mariah licks Charlie, and he returns the favor.


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