Daisy is a 2-year-old tri-color spayed female Sheltie. She spent a lot of her life so far living in a crate, but is blossoming now that she is in a foster home. Playing ball is her favorite thing; and her favorite ball is a soft, silly-looking stuffed tomato. She’ll chase it, catch it and throw it back at you for hours!

Please contact Northern California Sheltie Rescue to fill out an application for this sweet girl!

UPDATE 9/1/13: Daisy has now been adopted! :))

12 Responses to “Northern California Rescue: Daisy”

  1. KC

    She must have been adopted already? The website shows only an elderly female Sheltie who prefers men. :(

    • KC

      The unhappy face in my post above is not due to her possibly being already adopted, BTW! It’s because I’m in Northern CA and am looking for a Sheltie, but as a woman, the only one that’s shown as being available prefers men, so we probably wouldn’t be a good match. If Daisy has already found her forever home, then I’m very happy for her and her new family <3

  2. Tabitha

    I hope you find your new forever home soon, Daisy! I’ll be praying for you sweet little girl! Big hugs and sheltie kisses to your foster family! :)

  3. Sharon

    WHY would this sweet girl have been relegated to life in a crate? I just adopted my third Sheltie or else I’d be heading up north to get myself an adorable dog.

    Please, someone give Daisy and her tomato a loving home!

  4. Bobbie

    She is SO cute! Will share this far and wide so we can find her the perfect forever home.

  5. jo

    Daisy is going to be an awesome dog when she finds her forever home. She looks like she’d be a blast to have around! Applicants encouraged to have excellent throwing arms:)

  6. Kimberly Agzigian

    Daisy is such a sweet girl! Kudos to Northern California Sheltie Rescue for saving her. I’m sure Daisy will be in her forever home in no time bringing her new family love and laughter for years to come!

    A big thank you to all the rescue groups who give these beautiful little souls a second chance!


  7. Elizabeth

    Daisy knows how to ‘throw’ it back! She is such a beautiful and smart girl — I hope [and know] she’ll find her forever home soon!

    Thank you to all of you who rescue these babies!

    • Lynne Atwood

      I am looking for an adult Sheltie to be my forever friend. I live in SLC, UT so I don’t know if that would be a problem. Daisy seems perfect for me! Hopefully I am perfect for her. She would be my third Sheltie. One has passed and the other one adopted my mother and she needs him. He is treated very well, but he lives in Houston and i want my dog to live with me! I LOVE Shelties
      so much!

      Lynne Atwood


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