Foxy and Lily celebrated their first anniversary with me on May 31, 2013. They were adopted through Second Chance Sheltie Rescue in St. Louis, MO.

Recently, SCSR had a Spring Fling/Reunion Get Together.  Foxy and Lily donned their Spring floral collars and were ready for their shoot!


Hugs to you for adopting these pretty girls, Mary Eileen!

10 Responses to “Party Time!”

  1. Dianne

    AWWW ! Bless you for adopting these two Gorgeous Shelties ! Many many years ahead of lots of love and fun!

  2. Ann

    They look very happy and well cared for. May you have many happy years of companionship with them ahead!

  3. Sandra

    What else to say except “two beautiful babes”?
    They are gorgeous and you are lucky!

  4. jo

    Look at those big smiles! Foxy and Lily are poster Shelties for successful rescue/rehoming. They look so happy & healthy, bet you can’t imagine life without them now. I bet they were the belles of the ball with those fancy necklaces on.

  5. Karen

    Gorgeous girls! Congrats to you for adopting, and their one year anniversary with you :)

  6. Kimberly Agzigian

    Foxy and Lily are simply beautiful! Thank you for giving them their second chance for a warm and loving home! Wishing you many happy years together with your beautiful girls!


  7. Sullivan

    So, I have to ask, who got the better of this deal? Foxy and Lily for their new forever home, not to mention getting to stay together, or you Mary Eileen for getting 2 great new furbabies? I’d say this is a 50-50, win-win all the way around. Congratulations on the adoption of these sweet looking little souls, here’s wishing you many long, years of everything Sheltie.


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