Almost 15-yr-old Simeon (a Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue alumni) cools off next to the fireplace.


Looks like a very stylish den to me, Joyce. Hugs to you for adopting!

9 Responses to “Rock Solid”

  1. Sharon

    Simeon knows a cool spot when he sees one! Kudos to you for having adopted this sweet boy. Seniors are so special to my heart. Give him a big hug from me.

  2. Bobbie

    What a smart puppy! I love seniors. One of my shelties will be 15 in January (Dog willing) and I treasure him every single day. I know you treasure Simeon too!

    • Ruth Shoenthal

      Maybe Simeon likes the cool floor. During the summer, my Motek prefers to sleep on the bathroom floor even tho’ I’d prefer him to sleep with me. Motek is also a rescue from Shetland Sheepdog Placement and Rescue Services of New Jersey. I hope he gets to be 15 too.


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