Oh wait, Sammy Jo has some serious stink-eye going on.

At least Delilah looks much please with herself!


LOL, Jeanne!

5 Responses to “Think Pink, Dahling!”

  1. TINA

    This is too adorable. Pink is perfect for these beautiful furbabies. My sheltie would never let me play dress up. I love the look on their faces. Priceless!!! :)

  2. Tabitha

    Oh my! Haha! They are so cute in pink, no matter how much Sammy Jo hates it. They definitely deserve EXTREA cookies for that one. They are so precious Jeanne! ;D

  3. Sharon

    Oh dear! Sammy Jo apparently doesn’t think pink is her color!! LOL!! Two beautiful girls, anyway. That really is some serious stink-eye. Hope the photo session was followed up by cookies.

  4. Ruth Shoenthal

    Sammy Jo looks really pissed; Delilah actually looks stunned. Both are saying, “Why would you do this to me?” Great photo. Thanks for sharing your 2 beauties.

  5. Sullivan

    Oh-h-h Jeanne, Sammy Jo says are you ever in trouble! Not only do I see the stinkeye, I think I detect a little bit of a snarling lip! LOL That look is past priceless. On the other hand, that pink is just so striking with Delilah’s black and white coloring and whether Sammy Jo likes it or not, it also looks good with his coloring, they are both beautiful Shelties. Maybe a few extra cookies for dessert will help, good luck with that one!


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