8 Responses to “This Pillow is Sufficient”

  1. Gloria

    What could be more lovely than flower pillow with a princess Shea gilding the Lilly! What a cutie! She sure knows her place of honor… Right on top that pink pillow… With those large soulful eyes … Melts my heart!

  2. jo

    I want to hug that dog! Princess Shea is so pretty sitting on her perch, I pray nobody tries to be funny & puts a pea under the cushion…

  3. Sullivan

    Look into my eyes, you WILL do my bidding! Jenni, your little baby is just so pretty and true to lady form, she is so prim and proper. Tipped ears, so cute, along with the stare seems to make them SO-O-O innocent. I think this is the one look that let’s them get away with any/everything . . . that and the fact that we think our babies are perfect and can do NO wrong.


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