12 Responses to “When a Friendship Just Works”

  1. Jan Hunter

    I love this picture of Tucker and Zane! They look so sweet together. I hope they continue to grow in their love and devotion for the other.

  2. P. Price

    All of us who have Shelties have had moments like this one. There’s nothing that says “I love my person” more than their sharing a nose rub with you. This photo says it all. “This is my person, my very best friend & I love him very much.”

  3. jo

    Such a cute picture! This is why this is the 1st website I visit every day. Those two have some fun days ahead of them. I see a lot of romping & running & zoomies in their futures!

  4. Gloria

    What a wonderful image… Nothing touches your heart more than a child with his best sheltie friend. Just heart warming. Thanks for sharing Tucker and Zane’s special moment. I know this picture will be treasured for many years to come! Makes us all remember our first K9 buddy.

  5. Elizabeth

    I find photos of animals to be WAY cuter than photos of babies or kids …. but this is WAY TOO cute. I love both of their body language. Nothing is better than the love between human and animal … these two look to be best friends.


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