Marley says: “Serious Bailey we are on a boat with life jackets, why are you smiling? You can go first then!”


Too funny, Sandy!

6 Responses to “Why are you smiling?”

  1. Elizabeth

    I was just in Havasu and wanted to take my Cooper baby and Cal Bear out on the boat, but I just couldn’t make it happen. I have a feeling I would of had one loving the ride and the other praying to god for it to stop too!
    They are precious and I bet they get along really well!

  2. Ann

    Oh, they look so cute in their little life vests. We took our two shelties, also tricolor and sable, last week on a boat for I am guessing was the first time for both, not sure about it though since I adopted them as adults….They didn’t quite know what to make of it and preferred to stay in the shade under the benches….This is Florida, and they know better…Enjoy the time with your cute little furbabies!

  3. jo

    Poor Marley looks like he’s going to have to walk the plank shortly! They are officially Water Dogs from now on, sorry Marley, Bailey seems to have his sea legs more than you. So cute, both of them.

  4. Karen

    What cuties! They can be my ‘first-mates’ any day :) Bailey does look like he is gripping the deck for dear life too, heheh.

  5. Elizabeth

    Bailey is smiling and happy for the camera, but his little feet are holding on for dear life — Look at those little toes spread out and grasping the deck!!!

    I feel for Marley — She knows this is not where Shelties are meant to be. But, you know, you go where The People go.

  6. Sullivan

    Sandy, these are two beautiful little furbabies, I’m guessing it’s lots of fun at your house! Since it is next to impossible to pick who is the cutest here, I call a tie! I also love their names however, I am a little more partial to Bailey as that is my fur-granddaughters’ name, and she looks to almost be a mirror image of my sweet little Angel Bambi. Judging from the sounds of things, I don’t think Marley is enjoying himself so much . . . too bad, that looks like a GREAT day to me.


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