14 Responses to “You didn’t want to sit here, did you?”

  1. jo

    I’ll just sit on the floor, thanks. I’m not going to be the one who tries to shift Tempo and Tick Tock from that sofa!

  2. Sean

    The are sweethearts! Tempo is Angels’s and Tick is mine. Tempo is is almost 6 and Tick is almost 16 months. They are best friends. Tick loves to bite at Tempo’s feet and Tempo just jumps on Ticks back and put her to the floor…They do this dance for hours! Thank you all for the comments!

  3. Gloria

    Tempo and Tick Tock are just adorable… I know they will save a space for you! Yep, been there, done that!!! All of us at SN have given our sofas up for the comfort of our fur babies ! Enjoy!

  4. Ann

    Oh,what beautiful furbabies they are! This picture sure shows who rules the house at your home, Sean….What a delight it must be to curl up with these two cuties… Enjoy!

  5. Terry

    Oh, how adorable are Tempo and Tick Tock???? Of course they get the couch don’t they always? I am lucky enough, like you,
    to live with a wonderful Sable and White and a lovely Blue Merle but mine are girls.

  6. Sullivan

    My goodness Sean, look at that stinkeye Tempo is giving you, she seems to be saying, I DARE you to try and take this seat, and Tick Tock is not too far behind Temp. Your furbabies are working it for all it’s worth. If you are like the rest of us, you probably said, fine, have it your way, I’ll just sit over here, but . . . just remember who controls the cookie jar! LOL Your two babies are both so stunning. Lucky, lucky you to have them in your life.

  7. Elizabeth

    Oh, my heavens! Side eye, stink eye, whatever you want to call it, they are giving it! Even Tempo’s and Tick Tock’s ears are involved in the message although the sable Sheltie seems more offended.


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