Deaf and blind “Sheltie mix” Riley enjoys hanging out with — actually, on — his friend Berry.

Both are fifteen. When the company is good, life is sweet!


How wonderful, Eva!

12 Responses to “Comfort Pillow”

  1. Bobbie

    So happy to see Riley and Berry here on Sheltie Nation! I follow their mom, Eva, and the wonderful work she does for senior shelties with her organization, on FaceBook. Riley and Berry are truly, truly loved.

  2. Nickie Clifford (Amanda's Mom)

    Lovely and heartwarming. I pray that my Amanda lives until that age. Deaf and blind they may be ~ but that just means mom’s kisses and cuddles (as-well-as the closeness of one-another) ~ are that much sweeter:) Amanda and I send our love.

  3. Becky

    What a wonderful photo of 2 shelties who are still living and loving life!
    I hope my sheltie lives to a ripe old age. Our first Sheltie died at 4 with canine lymphoma -way too young!! Love that they snuggle together!
    Thanks for sharing Riley and Berry’s sweet moment.

  4. Sharon

    There’s just nothing as heartwarming as seeing two cozy seniors, taking comfort in each other and happy in their snug home. Best wishes to Riley and Berry for a continued long happy life!

  5. Gloria

    Oh my gosh, what a lovely image. Warms your heart that Riley has ended up with you and Berry. What a wonderful life he has now. Thank you so much for adopting! Thanks for providing us with such a heart warming image to start our day. Hugs and licks coming your way from my sheltie family to yours!

  6. Kimberly Agzigian

    Beautiful; what a wonderful photo to start the day!

    I wish Riley, Berry, and the entire family many more happy years together!


  7. Sullivan

    How lucky are you Eva to be sharing your life with these 2 beautiful seniors? Riley and Berry, one just as handsome as the other. I love, love, love their sweet little faces. Please give them extra hugs and kisses from me tonight


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