20 Responses to “The Fabulous Hannah Banana!”

  1. Zoey's dad

    I’m not only Zoey’s dad – I’m lucky enough to be Hannah’s dad too! She has come out of her shell and now snuggles up next to my chest and sleeps through the night. Hannah loves to ride in the car, meet new people and play with our three other Shelties, Bentley, Zoey and Murphy (although Murphy would prefer to sleep!). Susan I fostered this little sweetheart and I KNEW, as soon as I saw Hannah, that she’d found her forever home. She’s really become a daddy’s girl!

    • Hannah's mommy

      Yes, she sure is a daddy’s girl! No doubt about that. We joke with four that we’re the crazy Sheltie people. Oh well, could be known for worse things.

    • Kelly

      Sorry Catherine! We are working to improve the email delivery and there seems to be a glitch. I appreciate your patience as I try to fix it. :) I was hoping it would have gone smoother!

  2. Gloria

    Be still my heart…Now that is one cute sheltie! Love those soulful eyes! I could stare into them all day. She has such a sweet face. Many years of cuddles and companionship! Thanks for adopting such a sweet soul. Looking forward to seeing more photos of Hanna on Sheltie Nation!

  3. Terry

    Oh Gosh Hannah is Fabulous! What a sweet face and beautiful look. Enjoy your self and spoil this beautiful little girl.

  4. Sullivan

    Aw-w-w-w Susan, what a SWEET face this little baby has. Congratulations on your adoption, good for you. Such a tiny little thing, I think (know!) I’m in love. She looks just a tab bit disorientated right now, but in a couple of days when she realizes what a wonderful life she has fallen in to, that will all change and the next picture we see, Hannah will be wearing the big Sheltie smile. Hugs and kisses for your little girl.


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