9 Responses to “With a great bone, comes great responsibility.”

  1. Susan

    I love how they hold the bone with one paw. I bet Cooper is on top of the world right about now.

  2. Gloria

    My goodness Cooper! Save some for the next day.
    It looks as if you will finish that bone off today!!!

    Can you say sore jaws!
    From all that chewing you might want to give those jaws a break.

    Looks like even a Great Dane could not take that bone away!

    Another great caption too!

  3. Michele

    What a pretty face… nice rich color. Cooper has quite a big treasure there! Looks like he loves his new bone!

  4. Sullivan

    Cooper is so adorable, what a little cutie pie! I do believe that bone is bigger than Cooper, so I would guess that should last him a good long time, at least he will have fun chewing it down to size.


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