You might not think so by his expression, but I’m guessing Bailey is glad to be rid of all that fur!

baileyfur:) Sandy

13 Responses to “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow”

  1. Gloria

    Just brushed out my 3 boys and my sisters little female today. Thank goodness the weather was warm and windy… Hair floated all over the yard too! Bailey you are looking very handsome! I know your mom has cookies ready for you since you have been such a cooperative boy. Plenty of pats coming your way!

  2. Joan

    My little lady is 8 yrs. old. I often think if I’d saved all the fur from her brushings, I’d have one heck of a pillow. :) She loves to get combed/brushed but the ear cleaning, teeth brushing, nail clipping gets me the mega stink eye.

  3. Bobbie

    You could practically make a whole other sheltie with that ball of fur! My sheltie boys are shedding like crazy now–makes me almost want to take up knitting!

  4. Elizabeth

    Serious question here — Please answer if possible [Many thanks!].

    My Sheltie also looks bereft after a grooming session. She’ll even try to get the ‘groomed’ fur back before I can dispose of it.

    Anybody know if this is A] Common Behaviour?; B] Abnormal Behaviour?; C] Any Explanation?.

    Again, I appreciate, in advance, your time, suggestions and/or explanations.

  5. Sullivan

    Just look at the contentment and graditude for the relief you gave your furbaby. I know Bailey is enjoying being *pounds* lighter! He is so-o-o cute, the eyes seem to be saying boy am I glad that job is over, or they could be saying, I was a good boy, now where’s my cookie? I love that little “pigeon toed” stance Bailey has, gives him a certain amount of vulnerability! Kisses and hugs for your sweet boy.


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