Indie often likes to relax on the front lawn looking (voyeuring) at passerby’s. But this time he layed behind the post and peeked through the clematis. He looks just like a traffic cop looking out for speeders coming around the bend!

I’m sure he will let everyone off with a warning IF they provide a cookie, Gail!

4 Responses to “Halt! SHELTIE POLICE!”

  1. Sullivan

    This is one time we can not offer cookies! Let’s hope this “studly cop doesn’t have arrest powers as he might think we are trying to offer a bribe! LOL

    Regardless to his powers, Indie is a very handsome little man, even from this angle and from the stance he has taken, we can tell those intense eyes are trained on everything at once . . . he misses nothing, he will get his man!

  2. jo

    Nothing scarier than a Sheltie springing out of the clematis!

    Except a Sheltie who’s been deputized springing out of the clematis! Hope he doesn’t have a badge, I’ve been known to jaywalk before.

    I will def. try to bribe him with a cookie if I get busted by that cutie!


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