We’re going to the yacht club!


Newly adopted Alice, Teddy (now a Sheltie Angel) and Molly the forever puppy are looking sharp.

Lovely, John!

6 Responses to “Look Sharp, Shelties!”

  1. aus sheltie mum

    3 friends just hanging out. Sorry to hear of Teddy, he looks like he was a wonderful little buddy xo

  2. Susan

    Beautiful Shelties! Hugs to you for giving them a wonderful. Sorry to hear Teddy has crossed the bridge.

  3. jo

    What a gorgeous trio! They look like they’re ready to go for a nice yacht ride, maybe tea & crumpets later? So cute, I love the breeze in their ruffs.

  4. Sullivan

    Aw-w-w John, what a lovely picture. I am very sorry to read that Teddy is now an Angel, but the two ladies look like they are getting ready for a day on the high seas with their daddy so that makes it all good. They are both beautiful little furbabies, Molly has unusual markings and that makes her uniguely Molly and I love Alice’s coat color. Hope it was a fun, safe day for all.


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