alfieSo I thought I was going to be slick and improve the daily email delivery of the Sheltie Nation posts without you all noticing.  It should have been a simple importation of everyone’s email addresses. Wrong!  Apparently importing made a big mess of things and everyone was getting multiple deliveries of the same email. (Google is doing away with the Feedburner application that we have been using for many years and I’ve been putting off the transfer for some time.)

I apologize for bombarding your email. The designer of the software has not gotten back to me with a fix yet, so I don’t have a work around yet.

Thanks for your patience everyone! (And a thanks to Bebe for the cute picture of Alfie!)

4 Responses to “Oops! SN Technical Problem.”

  1. Lucy and Laddie`

    Well, people might be getting bombarded with emails.We are not getting any.Knew there must be a problem .Miss them. Send them soon………………..

    Laddie says……..woof woof woof….. hurry up and send them

    • Kelly

      I still do not have a work around from the developer. In the meantime you can re-sign up on the right side of the home page. That seems to be working and only sends one email. :)

  2. Karen

    hehee figured it was a technical glitch. No worries. That handsome Alfie looks like he can help solve it though.

  3. jo

    Now that’s a tech support I’d like to have around the house! Alfie is going to help untangle this email problem for and look great while he does it!


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