11 Responses to “Paw-crossing Princess”

  1. Shannon

    Delta is so adorable! She resembles Sadie (now a Sheltie angel) who was myl late Mother’s baby and the first Sheltie in our family. Neither one of my girls Ceilidh and Penny cross their paws and I wish the did. We knew when Sadie crossed her paws, that she was a happy girl. May you have many wonderful experiences with your baby!

  2. Sullivan

    Well, just look at this sweet little dollbaby, such a lady in deed. I love those little bent ears, the small white blaze, the beautiful coat color and of course, the crossed paws! Della may be saying please get my photo shoot over with pretty quick, it is time for my beauty rest. Jordan, I hope you and Della have lots to days full of happiness and sunshine . . . and maybe a zoomie or two thrown in.


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