Attached is a photo of our Sheltie, Cody, as a puppy. We’ve always called it our “Puppy from Heaven” picture because he looks so angelic. Cody is quite a character whose smile and personality effect everyone he meets. He’s 8 years old now, but is still our Puppy From Heaven.


Awe, isn’t it nice that all Sheltie puppies are a bit of heaven for us here on earth, Dan and Susan? :)

16 Responses to “Puppy from Heaven”

  1. Susan

    Thanks for all of your kind comments about Cody. He really is a very special dog (like all Shelties are!).

  2. Liza

    Just my opinion, but there is nothing else in the universe as adorable as a Sheltie puppy. Cody reminds me of my first Sheltie, also a sable and white male and he was also from heaven.

  3. Bobbie

    He not only looks like a heavenly sheltie puppy, he looks like your little ray of sunshine which, of course, all our shelties are :)

  4. Sullivan

    Dan and Susan, how lucky for you to have gotten the total Sheltie package all rolled in to one beautiful furbaby. Cody is such a regal looking young man that I can picture him as the handsome, stately adult he grew to be. What would we ever do without these wonderful little souls stick to us like glue and only ask for some food, a nice bed and a little love and we know they will give back way more unconditional love than they ever get . . . what a wonderful life. I wish you many more long years with your heart dog.


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