7 Responses to “Sheltie Staring Contest”

  1. jo

    Both are very cute, but I like the one on the left best! Brinkley is so cute, I love his coloring.

  2. Becky

    He looks so intent in his staring! Looks like a long night ahead for Brinkley-Hope he finally won the stare-off!

  3. Gloria

    A Mexican stand off I’d say! Humm… Brinkley will not give up! Anyway, he knows he is the best guard dog and will keep an eye on that intruder!
    Thanks for sharing such a cute photo!

  4. Cliff

    “I think the stuffed guy is gonna win”, I’m not to sure about that, Brinkley looks pretty intense.

    thanks for sharing the picture of your lovey Brinkley


  5. Sullivan

    Brinkley seems ready to pounce, the look says, go ahead, try and move but you are not going to get past me. He is just too cute but looks like this could be a long wait, Kris maybe you better consider serving Brinkleys dinner in bed this evening!


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