10 Responses to “A Swig of Sheltie Courage Only Makes Her Cuter”

  1. Marsha

    Thanks so much for posting this picture. It was posted on Tuesday morning and sadly Mickey passed away on Monday night from complications from a snake bite. We are thankful for this tribute to MIckey.

    Thanks again.

    Marsha and Jill

  2. Gloria

    Alaria is just sooooo adorable… Thank you so much for adopting such a cutie. My sisters sheltie is tiny as well and can is so brave when she has my three boys around her… she knows they have her back…

    You can see the same applies here! Mickey and Gus are true blue friends… what a wonderful pack you have… Just love this picture!

    Many years of love and licks to come!

  3. Sharon

    Mickey and Gus are obviously good body guards, since Alaria feels safe enough to be curious about having her picture taken. Congratulations on the adoption of a real cutie-pie!

  4. Bobbie

    Oh my, she is SO CUTE and her big brothers look so proud to look after her! Hugs to you for adopting!

  5. Jennifer

    As soon as I saw her brothers’ name, this was the dialogue that ran through my head. In my best cheesy New York accent:
    “Yo Alaria, yous go ahead. Ain’t no one gonna mess with yous. Ain’t that right, Mickey?”
    “Dat’s right Gus.”

  6. Sullivan

    Mickey and Gus on high alert! Congratulations on finding Alaria, I’m jealous of ALL the fun you just added to your pack! What a sweetheart, be still my heart. Just look at all that puppy fuzz and those eyes . . . she already has something in her sights. Kudos to you Debbie on the adoption, one more Sheltie baby getting a fresh start to a brand new, wonderful life.


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