sammyPoor Sammy, he really needs an angel! Sammy was one of the hoarder dogs who went with three others to Houston Texas Sheltie Rescue who had helped out with the hoarder dogs in the past. Unfortunately, the rescue had to close down and Sammy was still without a home. Tri-State immediately said they wanted him back in NY.

When Sammy came back, he was, sadly, not doing well. He lost a lot of weight and you could tell he just was not happy. After spending time at the vet and a battery of tests including blood work, ultrasound and urines, it was discovered that Sammy’s liver is failing, he is borderline anemic and has absolutely no protein in his urine (which is a bad thing -there should be some).

Sammy is also so emotionally drained. This dog has lived approximately, 10 years in the hoarder house with no utilities or water or connection with the outside world. The rescue trekked him halfway across the country in the hopes of finding his happily ever after only to have to come all the way back and still no family to love him.

While Sammy has not shown any aggression in his foster home, he has not dealt well with the poking and prodding at the vets office. He needs a quiet place to hang his little Sheltie hat, be fed wonderful nutritious food, be given his meds and supplements and have peace and love for the remainder of his life however long or short it is. The veterinarian has said he could realistically still have a couple of years with good support.

Because of all this sweet boy has been through and his medical needs, the rescue just wants him to have a family to love and honor him. They are looking for a forever foster home to care for Sammy. They want someone to open their home for him, but he will remain in the custody of TSSSR – meaning they will pay his bills for the remainder of his life.

Sammy’s ideal home would have no more than 1-3 dogs, be a quiet envirornment with no young children running in and out (visiting kids ok – Sammy can be crated or kept in a bedroom) and a fenced in yard. Sammy is a tiny boy – only 14lbs. 

He really deserves at least a little time knowing the love of a family before he leaves this world!

Please contact Julie at [email protected] if you would like to offer this boy a temporary or forever foster home. Sammy must remain in the immediate tri-state area.

UPDATE 9/25/13: Sammy has been adopted!

11 Responses to “Tri-State (NY/NJ/CT) Rescue: Sammy”

  1. Tabitha

    Poor Sammy! I wish so much I could take him home with me. When I heard about the dog hoarder I cried and cried. Now I’m crying agin for this poor little sweetie. This just makes me sick to my stomach. Please, please, PLEASE, someone come for this little guy. He needs your love now more than ever. Prayers being sent out to this beautiful little soul.

  2. Maida Farrar

    This poor little sweetheart. What a life he has had and all the love he has missed. I feel terrible for him. I wish I could take him too (live in Oregon). Just breaks my heart to read about this little sweetheart. I am praying for someone to be Sammy’s angel. I know that angel is close. Sammy dear, I am sending you big soft hugs and a ton of kisses. God bless you and the people who are working for you.

  3. Sullivan

    What a sweet face and looking so lost, scared, and confused. I hope he finds a quiet forever home soon. With all that poor Sammy has been throught so far, he deserves no less. Good luck sweet baby.

  4. Pamela

    I sure hope there is someone like me, only in your area, that will take Sammy in to love. I’m in the country in WA state and it’s so peaceful here where I have retired with my little guy/sheltie, Charlie. I sure wish Sammy was closer. Poor baby. Someone please take him home and love him.

  5. Michele

    So sad… poor Sammy. It is disapponting to see that the Texas foster home let Sammy get so bad with his health & grooming. He looks dirty and unbrushed, and of course, very sad.

    I would take him if I lived in the right part of the country. I’m on the West coast. I hope he finds the right foster home.

  6. Ann

    I wish i could take Sammy in but i am in Florida. He is adorable and i pray he find his forever home soon

  7. Bobbie

    Bless his little sheltie heart…Surely, surely there’s an angel family out there for Sammy! I’ve shared this on FaceBook. Please keep us posted!

  8. jo

    I don’t pray often, but I pray to God that little Sammy is gifted with a family he can enjoy the remainder of his days in peace & surrounded by love. I would take him in a heartbeat if I were in the tri-state area.

  9. Caren Gittleman

    this story is beyond sad, I pray Sammy finds a home. I just tweeted it @dakotasheltie and posted on Facebook.

  10. Theresa

    Aww, poor baby!! Wish I could take him, have a Sheltie that I love dearly and this breaks my heart! But I too am out of the area, with no fenced yard, I walk & run with my Shelby on a leash. Hope & pray he finds a forever home, he deserves it!

  11. Jinny

    Aw, I really wish my family could take this guy in :( Unfortunately we’re in New England, not in the tri-state area, and my family travels too much. :( Otherwise we’d be perfect. I really hope he finds a wonderful family.


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