Robbie is the sweetest sheltie I have EVER owned….just a stuffed animal come alive!

I took this picture yesterday after asking him if he wanted to go for a walk or if he wanted a biscuit. Of course he wanted (and got) both!


Well with a face like that I can see why he gets what he wants, Marti!

9 Responses to “Cuter Than Your Average Bear!”

  1. gloria

    OMG – What a cutie pie!

    Robbie does look like a living stuffed animal!
    Better to hug and kiss him my dear.
    His eyes say it all… I will love you forever…even without the cookies… well maybe, a few when I am a good boy, which is ALWAYS.

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely image of your love Robbie. May you have many years of happiness together!


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